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UPS Power Manager

Welcome to the UPS power manager home page.

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The UPS power manager currently only works with megatec compatible UPS devices. However, the application has been designed to support drivers for a large number of UPS devices. These drivers can be developed by anyone with a knowledge of C programming for OS/2. Example drivers are provided as open source under the GNU lesser public license.

Initially, a dummy driver and a megatec driver are provided

The megatec protocol ought to support the following devices

  • Fenton Technologies models
    • PowerPal L series
    • PowerOn
    • PowerPure
  • Effekta MI/MT/MH models (2502 cable)
  • PowerGuard PG-600
  • PowerCom SMK-800A, ULT-1000
  • Giant Power MT650
  • Unitek Alpha 1000is
  • SuperPower HP360, Hope-550

The dummy protocol supports no devices, but it is very handy as a driver development template.


You can download the UPS power manager for free, but I would ask you to email with information about which UPS device you are using this with, how well it works, and/or which UPS device you would like to have supported next.

No feedback equals no further development - you have been warned!

Download UPS power manager 1.10Mb - Version 1.02-30.C.05

The following driver seems to work with some trust devices:-

Download Trust driver

Driver flowchart

A driver flowchart is available here as a pdf document. You may find this useful for driver development.

UPS power manager driver flowchart


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Further reading:-

The best source of information about UPS devices, and the protocols they use, can be obtained from the  Network UPS Tools web site