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Information for developers

Maul Publisher Developers API

If you wish to develop a handler for Maul, you will need to have the necessary C headers and associated information. In order to obtain this information, you must fill in this form. The information you provide on this form is confidential, and will not be passed on to a third party, its only purpose is to enable me to keep you updated of any changes. When the form is filled in, you will be passed on to the developers page where you can start downloading immediately.

Developers API signup form

Some more information

Maul Publisher is a modular product. It was designed from the ground up to enable others to integrate their own products with Maul. It is of global benefit to everyone that software programs can communicate. The necessary information for this communication is available here for free.

If you are writing a program from new, you may be interested in constructing your program as a module for Maul. You can gain all the benefits of a powerful system and API to help you make and sell your own product. You can gain a lot of leverage by doing this, and you can do it now, with the information available here for free.