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You can download the latest release of any of the software below by clicking on the links. This is a primary software site, this means that this is the first place that a new version will be released.

If you are a registered user of a program, you will usually be able to update you software by the simple expedient of downloading the new version and installing it. Most programs will not require re-registration unless specifically noted.

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MAULW300Maul Publisher V3.48 for Windowsmaulwall348.exe
64 Bit Version(s):
MAULE300Maul Publisher V3.16 for OS/
MAULW200Maul Publisher V2.28 for
MAULETTKMaul Publisher Translation Toolkit V3.16 for OS/ 

Freebies, bits and pieces

For 32/64 bit Windows 10 / Windows 11

Demo Plate Driver Source Library free

The new Maul Publisher feature of rasterisation and imposition introduced with version 3.44 is missing the possiblility to output the result to offset printing plates. For this you first need to own or have access to a machine that can produce printing plates (Direct To Film / Direct To Plate), and then you need to have a driver for this machine. The Demo Plate Driver Source Library is a skeleton library that allows you to implement a very simple driver. Some C or C++ programming skills are required, as well as information about the device used to produce the printing plates. The sources are MIT licensed, so that there should be no licensing issues for developing your own software.

Download KB)

icon Image Fetch freeV1.0.1 (23-06-2019)

Image Fetch helps to solve the irritating problem of reading image files from cameras and mobile phones. Once you have configured where Image Fetch should look for devices and files, and where to put them, you can click on the "Transfer" button and save all your pictures on the PC sorted into folders according to their date.

Image Fetch uses the following nuget packages to do this:

Download ImageFetch.msi (324 KB)
sha256 checksum:

The installation package is unsigned, so please do verify the checksum.

The following is for both Windows and OS/2 Warp

MBMBMP free(19-2-2003)

This utility is used to help manage Maul Publisher generated bitmap images. The utility converts from *.mbm files to *.bmp files. You can also use it to add and remove mask maps from *.mbm files.

get a bmp from an mbm: mbmbmp file.mbm
get a maskmap from an mbm: mbmbmp -g file.mbm mask.bmp
make an mbm from a bmp: mbmbmp file.bmp
make an mbm from a bmp and a mask: mbmbmp file.bmp mask.bmp
add a maskmap to an mbm: mbmbmp -a file.mbm mask.bmp

mbmbmp.exe is now part of the Maul Publisher distribution.

Download mbmbmp.exe for Windows(23k)

The following are all for OS/2 Warp or eComStation

icon IP Spool free(09-01-2009)

IP Spool is a queue processor that manages the pipe between a printer and a network address. It is designed to drive modern networked printers using raw print data on port 9100. Most modern printers use this data format to print, and IP Spool enables you to use such printers with os/2. Here, I am using IP Spool to print from both the postscript and the pcl printer drivers.

IP Spool can be used to filter out the postscript preamble that the os/2 postscript printer driver likes to send to the printer. This preamble doesn't work with printers that support multiple formats, as the printer doesn't know it is supposed to be postscript until it sees the standard postscript header.

Download (89 KB)

icon Program Editor free(07-12-2003)

Program Editor for OS/2 is a full-featured, general-purpose, PM-based text editor capable of handling any number of different editing tasks. The editor is programmable, remote controllable from another application (such as your own), and capable of running any OS/2 command line compatible program (such as a compiler). It has many features including unlimited undo, redo, file template support, file access sharing controls for group working, etc.

Contains recent improvements to the clipboard functions.

Download (778 KB)

icon PM Make free(11-06-2004)

Probably the most comprehensive PM based make program available, this product performs the core functions of making, backup and restore, as well as being totally tools independent. PM Make can manage projects spread over directories, split into myriad subdirectories, numerous output files including several .exe, .inf, .hlp etc. in one make. PM Make provides plugin dll's, push button control of tools options, library selection, selective backup, restore and more. PM Make is multithreaded and never gives you a wait pointer. You can safely run multiple instances of PM Make. In conjunction with Program Editor you can stop on errors and fix bugs on the fly. Small memory footprint.

Download (427 KB)

Sleep free(12-08-1999)

Have you ever wanted a way to make cmd files wait? Put sleep.exe in your \os2 path, and you can use the command sleep in your batch file. If you want to wait for a specific time, just specify the number of ms you wish to wait. This tiny, sleepy utility puts your cmd file to sleep for the required period.

Download sleep.exe (18k)

Sizer free(8-11-2001)

Sizer is a little IPF inf window shrinker. You may have noticed that when you open any IPF help document, the window fills the whole screen. This is great for reading the help, but not so great if you need to do something else while the document is open. Sizer can resize these help windows to a more reasonable size.

Download (13k)

Account Filter free(31-07-1999)

Obsolete: Listed in case somebody still needs it.
This filtering tool can be used with PM Mail to filter messages between accounts. It was written as a quick fix to allow users with 'unlimited email accounts' (ie aliases) to filter messages to various account names.

Download Account Filter (66k)

icon Maison Anglais Calculator free(V1.00 11-11-1995)

This totally free calculator is complete, functional, and powerful enough to become your favorite calculator. Capable of caculating in floating point, binary, and hex modes, and converting between them.

Download Calculator (53k)

icon European Juggle (V1.00 11-02-1997)

View Screenshot

European Juggle is a computer juggling engine. The engine is capable of performing almost any solo juggling trick. Watch juggling tricks unfold before your eyes.

You can directly program European Juggle to perform any tricks including those involving carries, multiplex throws, bounces, spin bouces, and multiple bounces.

To get you going, more than seventy (70) juggling patterns and tricks are included in this package. These patterns include the basic steps necessary to learn to juggle yourself, such favorites as Mills Mess, and some totally wild patterns well beyond the capabilites of humankind. You can, in addition, run the default patterns for every number of balls from one to fifteen.

European Juggle has the capability to take into account the size of the person juggling, the size of the balls, and their colours. You can test for collisions and drops. You can even hear the sound of balls bouncing if you have a sound card and multimedia installed.

European Juggle is fully PM enabled, with multithreading, and will recognise it's own files when you double click on them.

Download European Juggle (364k)

icon Yet Another File Viewer II free (V2.04 23-10-1997)

Yafvii is a simple and fast file viewer. In normal usage, the program will switch automatically to hex mode when ASCII doesn't work. Yafvii has an effective search function built in.

Download YAFVII (73k)

icon Yes it's a clock free (V1.00 23-5-1997)

Here is a clock program complete with source. The program is fairly uncomplicated, but a useful and useable applet showing some basic (and some not so basic) OS/2 PM programming tricks. The ordinary user will find this clock requires almost no resources, and keeps going as long as the pm shell is still working. The clock will store it's current window position when you manually close it.

Download Clock (17k)

icon Drive Information free (V2.00 01-12-2003)

This is a quick and easy way to see how full your hard disks are! The dialog will enumerate all accessible drives above C:

This applet has recently been refreshed to cope with large drives and non-contiguous drive letters.

Download Drive Information (28k)