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Maul Publisher for Windows V3.39


Peter Koller:
Last week I published the latest Windows version of Maul Publisher. New in that version is a graph handler capable of being linked to tables and external xml files, and a barcode handler that can produce a vast range of bar and qr codes. The barcode handler is based on Zint.

I am going more and more in the direction of using the c++ std libraries. This has the advantage that the code becomes more stable and reusable, but it is also less efficient than plain C, and also, I don't think the IBM VisualAge compiler supports these libraries. What I am trying to say is that a new version of Maul Publisher on OS/2 with these new features would require porting the application to gcc, and that is more work than I can manage at the moment. However all is not lost, I do still have a working Warp based system, and when I am ready to retire (...end 2023) I will have time to give that a go.

Peter Koller:
I have updated Maul Publisher again, as I have just got myself a new high resolution monitor and noticed that the application looked all ugly and blurred.
It turns out, Ms have introduced some new API with Windows 8 that makes older applications look really ugly. That part is easily fixed, because Visual Studio offers a manifest property to set an application to high resolution, though it did take me an hour to find it. :)
Then of course other things got broken, in this case the cursors were flickering. So now 6 hours later, there is a new version online. Such small updates are not automatically installed, you have to download and install them manually, or wait for a version change, at which point the check for updates feature, when enabled, will update the application.


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